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Empowering Inclusive Futures for Teens & Adults with Autism

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AutisticFusion’s mission is to empower inclusive futures for teens and adults with autism. We accomplish this effort through advocacy, action, accommodations and appreciation. Our focus for all that we do at Fusion is in the programmatic areas of education, employment, life skills, relationships and transportation. With the high occurrence rates of autism spectrum disorders, quality programs and services are needed as the autism population continues to age. Adults and their caregivers are looking for supports that are convenient, affordable, and relevant to their needs. Even with the demand, there are only a handful of reliable providers, and fewer of those accept clients that are over the age of 18. The out of pocket costs are what rules out the rest of the providers for the people looking for the same services they had in the school setting.

Tackling the Aging of Autism epidemic is why AutisticFusion was formed. Get involved!

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