Colorado MicroBusiness Alliance

Helping Colorado MicroBusiness Owners Thrive

The Colorado MicroBusiness Alliance is a non-profit statewide business association for the 500,000+ Colorado businesses with 10 or fewer employees, including solopreneurs and independent contractors.

For only $5 per month or $48 per year, we offer an ever-growing treasure trove of benefits. A local radio show host called it "the greatest value in the history of the world." That's probably an exaggeration, but not by much 😉

We offer the following benefits, with zero additional costs:

- The BUSINESS TRAINING you need to thrive, including:
- The MicroBusiness MBA
- Professional Speaker Series
- Fortune 500 Training Companies

- The MicroBusiness BUYING CLUB

- Giving you one of the strongest political voices

We also have several additional benefits on our roadmap, including a killer Online Community, Crowdfunding, Mentoring, Service Opportunities ... and more.

We are happy to offer to Certus members a Free Membership Level to the Colorado MicroBusiness Alliance.

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7208 S. Tucson Way, Suite 100
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