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Build guaranteed tax free wealth

Becoming your own banker

-We educate businesses, families, and individuals on how they are able to earn guaranteed tax free wealth throughout their lifetime.
-Earn this guaranteed tax free wealth through a dividend paying whole life insurance policy we design.
-4.5% guaranteed interest rate plus dividends, which right now is about 6%. Grows above 7% and close to 8% at times.
-Instead of letting capital only compound, as in every other investment strategy, we educate clients on how to put their money in motion along with the compounding, let it work for them, and build much more wealth than they otherwise would, by tenfold.
-Everything builds tax free, is extremely liquid, and is able to be accessed tax free.
-You can get out of debt, pay for your children's college tuition, finance a business, or even retire by utilizing your policy. There isn't anything you can't do!

-The key is to think of your policy as a bank!

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