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Hi there, for those of you who don't know me I'm Neil Funsch, Branch Manager of Georgetown Mortgage. I assist my customers in finding the right mortgage when they are either purchasing or refinancing residential property here in Colorado. I have been doing this for 18 years and have the experience (and grey hairs) to prove it! One of my great strengths is assisting the self-employed to get the mortgages and refinancing they desire. Sometimes, I know more about your income than an underwriter does! With my knowledge and experience, I am able to present my clients' case to the underwriters in such a manner that increases their likelihood of getting approved for a loan. Additionally, I am always on top of the loan process and, as a result, my clients' loans close on time. On-time closings are crucial, particularly in today's market, when so many homes are receiving multiple buyer offers. I hear countless stories of dream homes getting sold out from under buyers just because their loan didn't close on time and it's such a shame.

Contact me for a no-fee and no-obligation phone consultation. If you've struggled to get approved for a loan or to get your home refinanced, please give me a call. I know it can be a frustrating and discouraging process and I would love the opportunity to review your case and help you in any way possible. Let's look into getting your loan or refinance approved and processed so you don't miss the boat! Contact me at 303.229.2684 for a no-fee and no-obligation consultation.

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