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Automobile buying experience that is easy and hassle-free

Everyone would like an automobile buying experience that was easy and hassle-free; where information was honest and unbiased; and with straight-forward pricing. In 1986, H.M. Brown & Associates’ founder, Bud Brown, started a company to create this type of customer experience. His hope was that if he treated customers as he would like to be treated himself, he would create customers for life. 100,000 + automobile transactions later, it appears to have worked!

Our Values

• Honesty and Integrity are our paramount values
• Treat customers as we would want to be treated
• Provide straight-forward, unbiased information
• Offer fair-market value pricing without the customer’s need to negotiate
• Offer finance and lease rates at or below market value
• Never charge add-on fees to agreed upon pricing
• Continually enhance the skill level and knowledge of all of our employees
• Continually use and upgrade technology to improve our services to our customers
• Deliver the best possible customer experience that will foster a life-long relationship with H.M. Brown & Associates

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