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Gifted Healing Practitioner Motivational Speaker Published Author Dowser Entrepreneur... If you or anyone you know is dealing with pain... whether physical mental emotional or spiritual... I am committed to seeing you experience your freedom! Contact me. --- As a Healing Practitioner... I utilize many cutting-edge forms of alternative healing... healing of tomorrow; working with clients globally and teaching nationally (USA). I efficiently and effectively work with past-life/present-life cellular programming; am effective at remediating pain at distance. I help people truly release their past (old baggage stuck patterns damaging habits restrictive emotional responses) so they can freely create the life-experience and future of their choice!-- If you are truly ready for change NOW... I will help you facilitate it quickly and painlessly! --- A passionate Motivational speaker on... Powerfully Creating Abundance; Developing Dynamic Relationships; Manifesting Your Dreams; Common Sense Preparedness; Tools for Empowering Your Life; Embracing Your Power; The Art of Dowsing; Let Go and Expand into Your Magnificence. --- My passion focuses on Awakening Consciousness... to provide insights and understandings for people to more consciously and pro-actively live their lives. --- Published Author of 2 books for Awakening Consciousness... available thru Amazon or [autographed] via my website below: - Messages to Your Heart - Insights and Understandings to Empower your Life - Soul Messages - Insights and Understandings to Expand into Life.

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