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Revolutionary Therapy that Works Quickly to Help You Let Go

Divorce and relationship endings are often felt as a devastating loss. It can be really difficult to pick up the pieces and move forward. We can many times feel trapped in our emotional pain or drawn to jump into a new relationship to avoid the pain of our loss. I help clients let go and move forward in a constructive, healthy way while learning about who they are in the process.

I specialize in teaching and facilitating a 10 to 12 week divorce recovery/relationship loss healing program in both one-on-one and group settings. In this program clients are empowered to...

•Fully heal and recover from the pain of their divorce or loss

•Let go of old, non-supportive behavioral patterns so that they do not recreate these patterns in future relationships

•Learn how to open their hearts again and reengage in life so that they do not close themselves off and hide from relationships out of fear of having their hearts broken again

•Develop a relationship with themselves to know who they are so that they do not lose themselves in future relationships

Unlike some traditional therapies which can take a year or longer, clients experience healing and resolution in a few sessions. My approach to counseling and healing works quickly by going underneath the external event and focusing on the internal experience of yourself. By going within to heal, you become empowered to be the solution to your problems.

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