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Are You Being Ripped Off By Your Investments? If you own investments with names like American Funds, Fidelity, JPMorgan, or PIMCO, you could be paying thousands of dollars per year in unnecessary fees.

If you own a retirement account such as an IRA or 401(k) you more than likely own mutual funds. Mutual funds are investments funded by shareholders like yourself that trade in diversified stocks and bonds and are professionally managed. The professional management of your fund is not free and this fee is deducted periodically, often without your knowledge. This fee can typically amount to $100,000 over the life of your investment! The good news is, there are alternatives to mutual funds called Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that operate very similarly to mutual funds but at a very low cost. With an ETF retirement strategy you can save up to 90% on management fees, while still owning the investments you like, while possibly achieving the same returns as your mutual funds.

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