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Self-publishing has taken a wild ride in the past couple of years. And all for the better. Traditional publishing companies are either going out of business or merging to the point where there are only five left. Therefore they have to turn down 99% of the manuscripts that land on their desk.

You can write a business book, solidifying your role as an expert in your field. Or put together grandma’s family recipes to assure they’re safe for generations to come. We’ve worked with romantic comedies, horror stories, cook books, memoirs, workbooks, even the great American novel. You can create a book for use within your company, maybe to distribute only throughout your extended family, or for a mass audience with national distribution. You can print five books or 5,000, and we’ll show you how to keep it the most cost effective.

At My Word! Publishing we can guide you from your book idea through publication and marketing, or you can cherry pick the services that you want. And whichever services you choose, you always make the final decisions, you keep the profits, and you keep all distribution and copyrights. In other words, at My Word! it’s your book.

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