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With over 30 years of progressive education, marketing, sales and management experience in human fulfillment and organizational development, Marty Wolff teaches clients how to predict and capitalize on future business trends and how to increase revenue without selling. As an entrepreneur and futurist, Marty Wolff is the creator and author of the PosiDyne Process (Positive Dynamics).

He formed the PosiDyne Group in 1998 as a consulting and training firm specializing in helping business professionals, startups, entrepreneurs, salespeople, introverts, futurists, leaders and their organizations rapidly increase revenue through the use of a communications model that allows prospects to discover that it is in their best interest to BUY rather than being “sold”.

The PosiDyne Process is positioned as an affordable alternative to traditional or franchise-based selling models. Many of the PosiDyne Group’s clients had previously graduated from other selling systems. They report that they have gotten better results, faster, easier and at a fraction of the investment in time and money --- all with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. They confirm that the PosiDyne Process is truly “selling made simple”.

In today’s increasingly competitive market, Impact on Investment is the key. The PosiDyne Process amplifies other networking, marketing and advertising efforts. By achieving greater results in less time, work/life balance is enhanced.

If you know of someone who is dissatisfied with their revenue, cash flow, profits or sales (in business or career) and tired of invasive “old school” selling systems, please pass this information along to them. We would welcome feedback regarding how we can better contribute to:
Increasing the likelihood of sustained business and career success
Enhancing the future economic health and quality of life for all

Feel free to contact Carol Wolff with questions or for further assistance. Call her at (303)946-1528 or email her at PosiDyneGroup@gmail.com to schedule a complimentary consultation (via phone or in person). Visit www.PosiDyneGroup.com for more details. Enjoy your future.

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