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Ready-Match clients are individuals in mid-life who are typically very successful in their professional lives, but perhaps not so successful in their dating lives. Ready-Match individuals are not only seeking a relationship, but they are truly ready to put in the time and effort in creating an amazing relationship. They've either done their homework and are extremely conscious about the relationship they are ready to build for themselves, or they are willing to do their work to get ready through Ready-Match's Conscious Dating Program. When Ready-Match clients go through the Conscious Dating Program, they clearly carve out their Requirements, Needs, and Wants in their ideal partner/relationship. Ready-Match uniquely matches clients based upon these critical areas. For those in Ready-Match's database who have not been through the Conscious Dating Program and do not know their Requirements, Needs, and Wants, Ready-Match uses a proprietary assessment to determine their relationship readiness status. We believe this approach is more likely to result in long-lasting love and companionship!

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