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Transform your Marketing, Catapult Your Business into the Spotlight with Profitability and Fun

Meghann is a branding and marketing strategist who works with women owned businesses, typically with 3+ staff members and 5+ years in business running companies with $200k+ in annual revenue and at least $20,000 annual marketing budget. As a coach, she works with these impactful women to increase revenue, decrease unproductive expenses, and create the massive impact they desire in the world.

These companies are already spending money on marketing and have had success from doing so, however, they typically do not have a cohesive marketing strategy and, when push comes to shove, cannot easily pinpoint the ROI of all their marketing expenditures. It is Meghann’s desire to change that, build a strong, measurable plan and strategy so that her client’s businesses hit the million dollar revenue mark and go way beyond.

Business Verticals:

The typical women-owned business “verticals” she works with are personal, professional, and spiritual growth and development companies.
Personal Growth = Established speakers who lead retreats, seminars, etc; coaches; holistic practitioners who are frequently “on stage” and are experts in their field

Professional Growth = B2B expert service providers that help other companies grow financially, in operations, HR, business brokers, business coaches

Spiritual Growth = Established healers, transformational leaders, etc. who lead retreats, seminars, are on telesummits or do frequent radio shows, are authors, and are definitely experts in their field

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